We want you for our zine!

Q IS MAKING A ZINE! fall prQject 2012.

the theme is: what does queer mean for you?

we want submissions from: EVERYONE! current students, alumni, incoming first years, faculty, everyone!

in the form of: anything within the dimensions of 8.5 by 11 inches and flat. art writing photos poetry comics anything!

the zine will be ready in time for a launch party during October for QuAM!

Stop by one of our meetings (every Wednesday from 9-10pm in Well Woman) to find out more or email submissions to: lem2178@barnard.edu with “Zine Submission” as the subject.

We would especially like to hear about everyone’s first year experiences, so the freshmen can have something to think about their first few weeks here. If you would like to add something along those lines, that would be amazing!