Welcome Class of 2016!

Hey there first years! Are you excited to get to Barnard in the fall? Nervous? Have questions about what to expect? Ask us on Formspring here or email us. Also, check out the Resources section of our site for info about queer clubs and resources at Barnard+Columbia. If we can give you one piece of advice, we’ll say this: you”re going to love it here. Between what the campus offers and what you can find in the city (everything!), you’ll always have somewhere to be, someplace to see, people to meet.

We know it’s summer and you’ve just graduated high school (woo hoo!), so you’re probably, and should be, enjoying spending time relaxing before getting to college. We do, however, need your help before you get here! We are making a zine! And we’d love first years to submit work to be included! The zine is focused around this question: what does queer mean to you? It’ll be ready for NSOP, so you’ll be getting it the first week you’re here on campus—something extra to look forward to! We’ll have work from current students, alumnae, faculty and hopefully you! You can find all the info you need here about submitting, deadlines, and who to send any questions to!

Enjoy your summer, contribute to the zine, and get excited for Barnard! We can’t wait to meet you!