Queer Issues Forum 2014

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This year’s Queer Issues Forum  was hosted in the Diana Event Oval on Monday, March 24 by Club Q. More than sixty LGBTQA students and allies showed up to have candid discussions concerning First Year Housing and how it could be enhanced to create even more inclusiveness for incoming LGBTQA and gender nonspecific Barnard freshman.


This illuminating night was accompanied by a video highlighting what First Year Housing means to our students: what it is and should be (staring members of Club Q), as well as free Thai food. The beautifully decorated tables were accented with origami cranes, boxes, and stars, all hand folded by our very own club members and were surrounded with glitter and flowers.

However, the proud colors displayed on the tables seemed dim in comparison to the passionate board members, club members and students who spoke that night. Frank, sincere and academic conversation was made throughout the night. President Deborah Spar and Dean Avis Hinkson joined us at the Queer Issues Forum that night to listen as well as brain storm with us.

It was an all together incredible night. If you would like to read more about it, please refer to This Spectrum Article, which highlights the night. We will keep you updated on our First Year Housing goals and successes. We also hope to see you all next year at our nest Queer Issues Forum!

By: Korinne DeCesario

Club Q meets on Wednesdays at 9pm in the Well Woman office, come join us!