Students for a Trans-Inclusive Barnard: Statement of Support

Greetings members!

Please view the statement of support that was released by Students for a Trans-Inclusive Barnard (posted below) and sign it through the linked google form if you agree.  The signatures, along with the statement of support, will be presented by members of the Students for a Trans-Inclusive Barnard to the Barnard Board of Trustees so it is urgent that it receives as many signatures from Barnard College students as possible.  Allies and allied institutions and clubs are welcome to sign.

The Statement: Trans women, as women, belong at Barnard College. Barnard’s 125-year history of standing for women’s education is admirable, and the college should continue to be an important voice in the years to come. But without a written policy on the admission of trans women, Barnard’s gates are in effect closed to a group of young women who could benefit most from what Barnard has to offer.

Young trans women face many barriers in their path to being recognized as women, including resistance to their identities from family, school or community, as well as laws that may make changing legal documentation to reflect a young woman’s name or gender difficult if not impossible. Barnard should not wait for these barriers to be removed, but should rather lead the charge by affirming that these women belong at women’s colleges. A written policy affirming that all students who identify as women are welcome at Barnard is a crucial part of that work.

We urge Barnard’s Board of Trustees to move swiftly to welcome all women to its college on a hilltop.

The Petition: