Open (no grade) Gender and Sexuality Law Course:


About the course: “Law, Rights, and Religion” will explore cutting-edge issues in religious exemption law, policy, and practice. Our speakers will address the constitutional status of religious exemptions, the dangerous vagueness of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the relationship between religious exemptions and marriage equality, corporate conscience, and conscientious objectors to the military draft, among other topics.


I’ve gone to the open Gender and Sexuality Law course at the law school for the past few years and have always met great people, had my questions answered, and walked out with pages upon pages of notes that I’ve referred to for other courses.  I’d recommend checking at least one of the seminars out (show up on time, they’re open to anybody, not just the Columbia community) because the professors and speakers are always worth it  (and hey, no grade pressure, just a good time learning).  Regular attendance is not required.