Name: Rowan Hepps Keeney

Year: First-year

From: West Chester, Pennsylvania

Pronouns: They/them/theirs and she/her/hers

Major/prospective major:Women, gender, and sexuality studies and theatre

Favorite class you’ve taken thus far and why: Critical approaches. It forced me to look at issues from perspectives I’d never considered before and really helped with my ability to do in-depth analysis.

Things do you do outside of class: I go to Q! I’m currently in Vday’s production of Beyond Cis-terhood. I also enjoy dyeing hair vibrant and exciting colors, as well as watching Netflix, intense feminist debates, playing quidditch, snuggling, and drinking excessive amounts of tea.

An object or animal that describes you best: A beanie (guess why)

How you found out about Q: After I got into Barnard I looked on the website to find all the queer clubs and Q seemed like the place to be (which it is).

Why do you like Q?: It’s an amazing support system filled with incredibly trustworthy and kind people where I can ask questions about my personal life or queer-related issues and not feel judged.

Favorite Q memory: Making glitter rainbows

Advice for your high school self: Slow down. You’re going to end up somewhere great. Also stop dating crazy people.