TRANS ADMISSION POLICY TOWN HALL 2: Event posting plus my response to the first

Hey Q-bies!

Even if you went to the first town hall, please please please consider coming out to the town hall this Monday 2/16/15.  Columbia Spectator covered the first town hall briefly (media coverage is not welcomed and quotes are not taken unless the speakers offer themselves up to be quoted by spec or outside media, don’t worry about getting quoted without your consent if you attend, that won’t happen) but the first town hall left me feeling displeased with the consensus reached for one question.

Expect three questions, two specifically about trans women on campus (the admission policy, if/how intentionally admitting trans women could/would change campus climate) and one about how to better support the trans students (transmasculine and men) that already exist on campus.  Be prepared to respond to or think about both types of question.

I was left dissatisfied with the responses given to the question about how to better support the trans/transmasculine/male students on campus.  One speaker brought up the NYT article “When Women Become Men at Wellesley” to say that there should not be men/transmen at Barnard.  If you hope to speak on this question, be prepared to respond to this article and this thought.  Also important to keep in mind is the less talked about and earlier published 2008 NYT Magazine article “When Girls Will Be Boys” that I referenced when I responded to this question.  Think about the ways in which graduating from a Women’s College impacts our trans community, and the necessary ways in which our college needs to address and support that reality.

It will be very important to be aware of and fully versed in the 2/9/15 Bryn Mawr policy on trans admission that will likely play a large role in this forum.  Please refer to a few of these articles: the spectrum article, Bryn Mawr College News announcement article, the campus-wide email notice sent by President Cassidy, and this Advocate article are all good starter resources to learn about the policy.

Here is the link to the event (on facebook) and the google form linked in the event to sign up.  Please note this forum is only open to members of the Barnard community (current students, alums, staff with Barnard IDs).