Sister Circle Meeting this Thursday: Body Image


Hey all!

Our new member Kathy just passed along this opportunity to me/Q about this upcoming Sister Circle meeting and wanted to spread the word.  Sister Circle is a great group that meets in the IRC and is open to self identified women of color.  Sister Circle is also an inclusive space open and welcoming to genderqueers of color.  Here’s some more information about the event below (including the text from the poster):

Join Sister Circle this Thursday in the IRC (552 W 114th St) at 7pm as we discuss  Body Image. As women of color, what does “body positivity” mean for us, how are we affected by standardized ideas of body size and shape, and how we are included or excluded in conversations about feeling confident in our own bodies? Dinner will be served at 7pm.

Sister Circle is a program that brings together self-identified women of color (including Arab or Middle Eastern, Asian, Black, Latina, Native, and Multiracial) to foster a sense of community and solidarity. We are open to the undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff of all Columbia University schools.