Meet a Q Member: Kay


Name: Kay Ferguson

Year: First Year

From: Westchester, NY

Pronouns: Any pronoun

Major/prospective major: Psychology

Favorite class you’ve taken thus far and why: Abnormal Psychology with Prof. Gupta is an amazing experience because Prof. Gupta clearly understands the flaws in psychology, as well as has personal experience that she often uses in class

Things do you do outside of class: Work in a psychology lab, GendeRevolution
An object or animal that describes you best: A cat and a bunny

Why do you like Q?: Great space to vent about feelings as well as eat great snacks

How you found out about Q: Upperclassmen

Favorite Q memory: The Q Playlist we made!

Advice for your high school self: It’s not too scary to change your name. You are stronger than you think you are. Yes, you are napping too much but you can do it anyway.