Meet a Q Member: Sierra


Name: Sierra Douglas

Year: First Year

From: Washington, DC

Pronouns: They, Them, Theirs

Major/prospective major: Creative Writing and Theatre 

Favorite class you’ve taken thus far and why: Acting Workshop, because I love to act and I met amazing people who I still hang out with

Things do you do outside of class: Hang out with friends and bae, got to Q, watch Netflix

An object or animal that describes you best: Adam Lambert is my spirit animal

Why do you like Q?: It’s a safe space where I can talk to other Queer people and discuss our struggles. I feel more validated to myself when I’m at Q; I know nobody is judging me or looking to see if I fit a “Queer aesthetic.”

How you found out about Q: LGBTQ Snack Bar during NSOP

Favorite Q memory: Any crafts day, watching “Rent” all together

Advice for your high school self: “Dating a bunch of guys won’t help you know who you are. Listen to your heart. It’s okay to think that girl is super cute and funny and smart. Buy those boys pants. Your friends are going to love you regardless of who you love. Be yourself. It’s okay to not always feel like a girl; it doesn’t mean you’re weird or wrong. It just means you’re non-binary and amazing and special and YOURSELF.”