Meet a Q member: Roz


Name: Rosalind Bazett Watson call me Roz

From: Boston

Pronouns: She her hers

Major: Gender studies major and pre Med

Favorite class you’ve taken thus far and why: reading the body because it was a four people seminar and Laura Ciolkowski is a genius

Things do you do outside of class: Outside of class I party with the women’s frisbee team, run, rant about decriminalization and of course draw a lot follow me @crisscrossfaded

An object or animal that describes you best: that would be an excellently garish thrift store wool sweater

Why do you like Q? Because its important to me to be a part of a queer community that isn’t necessarily or at least primarily organized around eroticism or politics.  I like Q because it is a queer space that allows me to nurture my identity as a full person with a variety of activities and interests and I really appreciate that.  I think its hard to realize how much that can feel like its missing until I’m there on Wednesday and I realize how much more comfortable and relaxed I feel.  I like that Q is a space without burden of proof of identity.

How you found out about Q: I found out about Q because I am a Columbia kid Barnard wannabe. Also from Lauren.

Favorite Q memory: memory tabling with the rainbow loom machine for the Fall Craft sale to raise money for New Alternatives NYC

Advice for your freshman self: try and avoid seeing your identity as this thing you have to complete or fulfill on a certain timeline – your experiences and your self are primary, labels are simply the tools we use to make sense of them. Realize that everyone else is as confused and nebulous as you are and thats probably going to be the case for the rest of your life. So enjoy it and try not to see your experiences as proof of one thing or another. Embrace the ambiguity, don’t internalize biphobia, and remember that Columbia is immersed in a culture that fetishizes stress and struggle. Sometimes the struggle is real; sometimes its not. Most importantly convince yourself that Mental Health is just as important as your homework by pretending that it’s a five credit lab you’re taking in addition to your classes and that naps are homework.