Meet a Q Member: Emma


Name: Emma Leary
From: Greenwich, CT
Pronouns: she, her, hers
Major: Art History, Visual Art concentration; Irish Studies minor at NYU
Favorite class you’ve taken thus far and why:  Freestyle & Displacement in Contemporary Art Practices, because who doesn’t love a four hour intensive studio/seminar course about identity, diaspora, and pretty colors?  Professor Leslie Hewitt, who is also my advisor, is a goddess. 
Things do you do outside of class: The Orlando Literary Magazine, set design for Columbia University Players, sister of Alpha Chi Omega
An object or animal that describes you best: pile of glitter
Why do you like Q? I love the open atmosphere of Q. I feel like we are a community that is very open to learning and adapting.  Additionally, I love that Q creates a space where I know people are excited to see me each week.  To me, Q is a supportive space where my experiences matter.
How you found out about Q: I found out about Q through the internet as an overexcited prospie.
Favorite Q memory: that time we all watched Rent together…
Advice for your high school self:  You queer identity is not dependent on anyone else.  You don’t have to hang out with the right people or wear the right clothes or do the right things to be queer.  Anger doesn’t make you any more queer than you already are. Neither does flannel. Also, she isn’t worth it, but you are.