NEED FUNDING FOR AN INTERNSHIP? Social Enterprise Summer Fellows at the Business School application open until May 15th!

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I will copy/paste some important pieces of the website below, please check out the website this screenshot is from to get more information about how to fund you INTERNATIONAL or DOMESTIC internship this summer!


Columbia Social Enterprise Fellowship Factsheet


Here’s the link to the website again in case you missed it.

Student Eligibility
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled full-time as a first-year, second-year, or third-year Columbia or Barnard undergraduate or graduate student;
  • Applicants must be in good academic standing and not subject to any disciplinary proceedings;
  • For multi-year degree programs, applicants must be returning to campus and enrolled as a full-time student during the fall 2015 semester either on campus or participating in an approved Columbia University off-campus program;
  • Applicants must agree to the terms and requirements of the Social Enterprise Fellowship Program (see below); and
  • Applicants must have secured and accepted an internship matching the criteria prior to submitting their application.

Note: Students on leave from Columbia University during the spring 2015 semester are ineligible to apply for internship funding.

Criteria and Selection

Summer fellowships must meet the following criteria:

  • The internship is well-scoped, has clearly defined expectations and responsibilities;
  • The internship has an established supervisor from a professional in the organization;
  • The internship provides a workspace for the student during the internship that is co-located with the organization;
  • Students will have mid- and end-of-summer reviews with the supervisor;
  • If the internship takes place abroad, students must comply with the university’sinternational travel policy including the Restricted Regions List.

Requirements of Being a Fellow:

By accepting the fellowship, students are committing to fulfilling the following requirements (the Program will review these obligations before the final payment):

  1. Attending an orientation and sponsored events;

  2. Writing or speaking about your experience which may involve:

    1. Writing a short article or blog posts describing your experience for the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise website and/or newsletter

    2. Creating a short multimedia piece highlighting key experiences from the fellowship (for example, a video or v-log);

  3. Contributing to the wiki site for summer fellows, to be featured in the summer fellowships website;
  4. Submitting at least 15 photographs throughout the fellowship;
  5. Participating in activities promoting Social Enterprise Summer Fellowships, including but not limited to speaking at an informational session for the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise, Career Office or relevant student clubs events;
  6. Completing an end-of-summer fellowship survey/debrief; and
  7. Producing a thank you note to the donors for the Summer Fellowship.

A complete application includes:

  • Resume
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Completed Student Application Form (including a personal statement)
  • A copy of the employer’s letter offering the internship
  • Completed Employer Information Form
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • Tax Certification
  • For US Citizens: W-9 Form
  • For International Students: W-8 Form with copy of passport and visa