IVYQ! Think about representing the university by helping to plan a great conference!


Hey friends!

IvyQ this year will be hosted by Cornell University!  Get excited to pack up and head to Ithaca the weekend of November 12th – 15th.  Please like the IvyQ page on facebook, and go to IvyQ.org to get more details on the conference.

Below is an email from the IvyQ Barnard/Columbia team seeking new members for the planning committee.  Please think about joining the team, working on this conference (especially as a non-host school) offers a *lot* of important logistics and management experience!  And, there are only 3 core members now, so this is a huge leadership opportunity for younger students!

Hey Queer Leaders & Friends!

The IvyQ team is recruiting a new member this semester and we’d like your help! Attached is the application form–it’s pretty brief and due April 27 at 6pm. We’d appreciate it if you’d forward it your members and encourage anyone and everyone to get in touch with us with questions or interest!
Warmth & Love!
The Barnard/Columbia IvyQ Team
PS: (some old IvyQ logos 🙂 hehe, #tbt ~~retro~~)
(I don’t even know when this was from… but it looks quite old)
(when Columbia hosted in 2011!  2011 Dartbeat article about Dartmouth coming to Columbia for the conference)