Meet a Q Alum: Amissa


Name: Hilary Amissa Brewer
From: Baltimore-ish, Maryland
Pronouns: She/hers, etc.
Class: 2013
Major: Anthropology
What do you do now: I’m currently back in school getting my premedical postbac…I’m going to be a doctor!
Why do you like it: It’s what I was really meant to do. I learned a lot taking anthropology courses but I actually have always loved science. Also, I feel like my direction is more meaningful. I hope to specialize in trans* health.
Favorite class you took and why:  Arabic. Learning a language so vastly different from my own is amazing. It completely uprooted the conventions that I held about meaning and the world. For example, Arabic’s root system weaves a really interesting thread between related words and that’s something that doesn’t exist in English. I could talk about this for a while.
An object or animal that describes you best: Deer or antelope
Why do you like Q? It’s important. It provides a space where queer people can come together to create a community and discuss things that are meaningful to them. It’s absolutely necessary. Also I met a lot of friends through Q!
How you found out about Q: I heard about Q from orientation in Freshman year. I was just so  young and excited!
Favorite Q memory: Every. Single. Queer. Prom
Advice for your high school self:  Learn what you want, do what you want, be who you want –because if you don’t, then what’s the point? Also, please stop wearing fedoras.