Welcome to our website!  Club Q is the only LGBT group that fully supports and represents Barnard College students at Columbia University.  At Q we aim to build, support, and maintain our queer community on campus.

We meet weekly at 9 pm in the Well Woman office in the Quad (119 Reid). Our meeting types and topics vary, but you can expect consistent discussion and snacking, with the occasional craft meeting or guest speaker/presenter.  We seek collaboration with other on and off campus groups to enrich our queer community, and in doing so, enrich our Barnard community as a whole.

We strive to make our meetings safe spaces where our multiple identities and opinions are respected, welcome, and celebrated, but also recognize that dissent and disagreement happens.  Our board and president are open to discuss one on one or with the larger group not just our positive feelings in order to truly ensure that our members are respected and heard.