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Sex Education


Blog description: “an intimate exploration of identity, and finding life wisdom beyond the gender binary…read more about Micah at

Blog description: “We’re a social, educational, and advocacy group for trans* / genderqueer / gender non-conforming people and their allies. – Evansville, IN” Check out our new Trans Surgery Map and see who performs trans-surgeries in the US.

Blog description: “this blog is for anyone who wants to get information about trans people and the rest of the LGBTQ community.”



Trans* Femme


Blog description: A compilation of literature featuring lesbians! And a whole host of gender-queer characters and themes, etc.

Body Positivity


Blog description: “A quasi-academic look at Feminism, politics & race relations through the lens of a 20-something year old Nigerian American who was born & raised up in the (still) segregated south but has relocated to the “liberal” yet historic & traditional north.

This blog is my space for an interdisciplinary examination of race, gender, class, sexuality – all things intersectional & multi-dimensional.”

Blog description: “A place to celebrate anything anti-oppression, anti-kyriarchy, anti-hate and pro-equality. Run by two feminists who try to link to and reblog anything that is relevant to feminists today (almost anything).”

Social Justice

Blog description: “Politics, social justice, news, and meanness. Formerly known as STFUConservatives.”

Racial Justice

Blog description: “Black women + art, media, social media, socio-politics & culture”

Blog description: an online magazine published by Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation, a public policy institute that focused on race.  Articles are primarily composed of essays, investigative reports, think pieces, opinion columns, cultural criticism, fiction, and humor pieces.

Blog and project description: The Racial Justice Project of New York Law School is a legal advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the constitutional and civil rights of people who have been denied those rights on the basis of race and to increase public awareness of racism and racial injustice in the areas of education, employment, political participation, and criminal justice. The Racial Justice Project’s advocacy includes litigation, training, and public education.  This is the project’s blog.